Take the Stairs

In his new book, Take the Stairs, Seven Steps to Achieving True Success (Perigee Trade, $23), author and motivational speaker Rory Vaden reminds us that self-discipline is the key to achieving success in all aspects of our lives. Procrastination, lack of focus, acceptance of the “average” and incomplete commitment are all enemies of self-discipline that get in the way of our creating our best selves. This book is a quick read and an inspiring reminder that what seems to be the easy way in the short term can end up being harder in the long term. 

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Camp Cliché

Movie Review

Camp Cliché

By Roger Moore, Tribune Media Services

Paul Rudd stands in front of a bathroom vanity and riffs a string of vulgar, not-very-funny euphemisms for the intercourse he plans to have with Malin Akerman’s character in an outtake that’s part of the closing credits of Wanderlust. It’s a part of the process with any Judd Apatow production—raunchy, riffy runs, comic actors firing away in an effort to top each other and what’s in the script. Apatow’s ethos: “The funniest line wins.”



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