Tour Buzz

MARATHON MEN: Happy 311 Day! Back in 2000, the members of this rock-reggae band got the idea of celebrating every other March 11 with a concert featuring virtually every song in their repertoire. We’re talking pee-in-a-bottle-so-you-don’t-miss-anything shows: The last 311 Day, in March 2010, boasted a 60-song set. “The adrenaline from being onstage helps us to get through it,” 311 guitarist Tim Mahoney told me in February 2011. “The key is to stay inspired and focused over so many hours. … We just go for it in the hopes that no one cramps up and falls over.” 311 is playing not one, but two marathon shows at the MGM Grand on March 10-11 ($86 per night; $149 for both nights), and I hope they’re ready for them.

IN THE RED: Oh, hell yes. I’ve loved Andrew W.K. from the first moment that he took us into his friendly embrace and gently exhorted us to party, party, party. The “singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, entertainer and motivational speaker”—or so he’s described in Wikipedia—will perform his 2001 debut album I Get Wet in its entirety at Body English on March 9 ($33), and so help me, you should be there to enjoy a live performance of one of the best wall-of-sound records ever recorded. I’ve never seen W.K. play live, so I’ve no idea how “She is Beautiful” and “Don’t Stop Living in the Red” will come off without their layers of overdub. But I do believe that the propulsive lunacy at the heart of these songs can’t be killed. The man’s a motivational speaker, for crying out loud.

NOW ON SALE: Bet you’d almost forgotten James existed. That’s one of the coolest things about the Hard Rock Café on the Strip—it gives faded rock bands, like the one who gave us “Laid,” “Ring the Bells” and “Born of Frustration,” a place to shine anew. James should do just that at the Café on April 15 ($25, $20 in advance).