Andrew WK

Body English, March 9

The opening salvo said it all: It’s time to party, Let’s party/Hang out with yourself and have a crazy party. These lyrics, from the aptly named “It’s Time To Party,” set the tone for the rad rocker to throw the most fun bash Las Vegas has had in some time. In honor of its 10th anniversary, Andrew WK played his first album, I Get Wet, in full. WK sang a lot about partying hard on songs such as “Party Hard,” but that’s not all he sang about. To quote one of WK’s intros, “This song’s about vomiting!” He then played “Party Till You Puke,” which explores the intricacies of both subjects.

With seven band members, including three guitarists and a woman in a ’80s pro-wrestling outfit who hyped the crowd, the small stage was stuffed. And it continued to get more crowded as various audience members jumped onstage, sang and stage-dove. The night culminated in an encore wherein about 50 audience members joined their hero onstage. Per the directive of WK, there was no security to throw them off. He would hug them, ask their names and high-five them, proving this was indeed a party for all. ★★★★☆