Carmer Takes Flight

Freakin’ Frog and Whisky Attic proprietor Adam Carmer has a lot to smile about this St. Patrick’s Day. He is finally within a month of the launch of his Flight School in the Attic, as well as putting to bed his book, The Method: CSTEM, the Evolution of Tasting. For the UNLV professor, both projects have been a long time coming.

The tome, published by Workhorse Press and soon to be available through and other major booksellers, is as much a how-to as it is a memoir of how Carmer developed his revolutionary namesake evaluation method, the Carmer Spirits Tasting Enhancement Method (CSTEM).

Flight School is a series of 21 reservations-only tastings that put CSTEM into practice, featuring flights of whiskies from around the world. Most tastings are $50-$100. Fly boys and girls who complete the course earn a custom bomber jacket and a superior dram of their choice. Flight School takes off in April. Visit for details.