Casey Brook

Hairstylist, age 26

What she’s wearing now: Swell circle sweater, Nissi white jeans and vintage headpiece.

Brook characterizes herself as a “rebellious, semi-unemotional, extremely unpredictable, unyielding elitist, who can sometimes be confused as an obstinate, voyeuristic, dogmatic, eccentric and insensitive individual. In other words, ‘perfect in every way.’” To achieve flawlessness when she dresses, she mixes in vintage pieces to give her overall appearance an elegant finish.

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Anton Babich

What he’s wearing now: Banana Republic button-up, Exotiq Apparel by Anton Alexander pants (his own label), Aldo shoes and belt, and Tiffany & Co. cuff links. Fashion motto: “Business meets character.” Babich characterizes his style as somewhere between Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen. And as a fashion designer himself, he likes to use a mix of fabrics in his clothing, including those that pop and shine. His picks? Blends such as wool/cashmere, rayon/cotton, lycra/cotton, microfibers and metallic embroidery.