For the Fight

Bunkhouse Saloon, March 10

Blending rock, funk, hip-hop and metal, this local quintet threw down hard with a high-energy set that sounded like a cross between Sevendust and Rage Against the Machine. Lead vocalist Etch began with an attention-grabbing a capella intro and then erupted into “All.” The fury continued with fist-pumping anthems that had the energized crowd rocking out.

Guitarists Ed Konopka and Nick Powers complemented each other nicely with distorted rhythms over sometimes-clean arpeggios that created a lethal combination of sounds while bassist Nate Kincaid, who performed his last show with the band, locked in tight with drummer Dex Stevens and pounded out the heavy grooves. Taking a break from their originals, For the Fight also performed a cover medley of songs that included a rendition of Hendrix’s “Voodoo Chile,” as well as Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” before coming back for an encore and closing the set with their single, “Intervention.” For the Fight has been fighting their way to the top of the music scene since their inception in ’09, and they have definitely come a long way. Keep an eye out for new music coming from them this spring and catch a live set soon. ★★★★☆