Fully Sleeved


The vinyl LP is one of our enduring miracles. If human civilization were to die out tomorrow and our trappings encased in amber for 10,000 years, the super-intelligent aliens or androids who inherit the planet from us will surely say something to the effect of, “Humans were primitive and unstable … but, man, did they ever put some great shit on vinyl.” However, they might not know what to make of the album covers that we doodled on, painted over or made into collage art—and if you’re reading this, future being, I would tell you to find a copy of the Deface Value blog on a dead server someplace and juice it up. A side project from the crew at Seattle’s Jive Time Records, Deface Value is a gallery of those covers—some willfully destroyed, some lovingly improved, and all of them proof positive that compact discs never stood a chance. There’s no way an artist could have used a CD of Transformer to replace Lou Reed’s head with that of a kitten, or used a CD of Jan Garber’s Street of Dreams to make a tableau of two Muppets discovering a dead body. You need LPs to do that. And did I mention they also sound better than CDs? See, our civilization didn’t completely suck. – Geoff Carter