Pint Perfection

Guinness Mixology at Rí Rá Irish Pub in the Shoppes at Mandalay Place, $7 each

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No such thing as a perfect pint? Barman Paul “Junior” Walsh pulls plenty of them at Rí Rá Irish Pub. The secret, it is said, is in the double pour. It begins with a clean, room-temperature, tulip-shaped pint glass. With the glass held at a 45-degree angle and the spout fully open, fill the glass two-thirds of the way. Now set it down, letting the pint rest for two minutes to wait out “the surge,” when the nitrogen bubbles rise from the center and push down the bubbles along the sides of the glass. With the glass held upright, fill the remainder of the way, creating a domed foam crown on top, and, Walsh says, let it sit for another 20 seconds. At home, pour a can of Guinness in a steady stream into the same pint glass using the two-step pour process to achieve the same affect. Enjoy bottled Guinness directly from the container.

But why stop there?

A Guinness spoon helps with gently layering the Irish dry stout atop other heavier beverages, such as cider, ale or lager. These Irish “cocktails” will be on special at Rí Rá for the remainder of March:

1. The Black Smith—half Guinness, half Smithwick’s (pronounced SMITH-ick’s) Irish Ale.

2. Black + Gold—half Guinness, half Heineken.

3. The Half and Half—half Guinness, half Harp Lager.

4. Snakebite—half Guinness, half Magner’s Irish Cider.

5. Guinness Sin—half Guinness, half Sin City Ale.