A Rare Touch of Shanghai on Spring Mountain

One cuisine I can’t get enough of is Shanghainese, part of the vast cooking empire that defines the food of China. It’s a cuisine that uses alcohol and sugar more than others in China, with a multitude of fish and seafood preparations, most notably eel with yellow chive, and the infamous hairy crab, neither of which are reliably found in Vegas.

Nor are two of my favorite dishes from the region, beggar’s chicken, a preparation for which a whole stuffed chicken is baked in clay, or Lion Head meatball, a giant, fatty pork meatball swathed in greens. Head to L.A. for those dishes, or pay the the trans-Pacific fare.

The good news, though, is that many Shanghainese dishes are found here, such as the famous shao loong bao, or “little basket dumplings”, aka juicy pork dumplings, and many other dishes from eastern China.

Now we have a modest newcomer, Three Villages, a modest, virtually unmarked new restaurant on the second floor of Pacific Asian Plaza on Spring Mountain Rd. Oh, there is a sign, all right, but it is in Chinese.