Six Easy Pieces

Our men’s style expert gives advice on how to revamp your wardrobe with this simple shopping list

If you’re not happy with your look, and are simply lost when it comes to reinventing your personal style, here is a quick guide to key foundation pieces that can be found in a sophisticated wardrobe.

FIVE MUST-HAVE SHIRTS. A great shirt is the nucleus of every look. These are the ones every guy should have: white French-cuff, blue French-cuff, blue or purple stripe French-cuff, blue button-down Oxford button cuff and a white button-down Oxford button cuff.

THE STAPLE SUIT. Invest in a form-fitting suit, either navy or charcoal gray. Here are some features to look for when shopping: a natural shoulder, notched lapel, lightweight wool, slim silhouette and flat-front trousers.

When you find a suit that fits you well, you will also find yourself enjoying the attention you get when you “suit up.” Rip this article out, take it with you shopping and turn the day into something truly gratifying.