Blake Shelton

Mandalay Bay, March 17

Blake Shelton insists he is just a regular, redneck guy. “I like to shoot deer. … I love to go hunting!” Shelton announced to his packed audience. It’s easy to buy the redneck part, but if you want to believe he’s “regular,” you’ll have to ignore the fact that he performed “America the Beautiful” with his wife, Miranda Lambert, at the Super Bowl this year. Also disregard his weekly appearance as one of the coaches of NBC’s hit show The Voice, and please pay no attention to the fact that he sang at the Grammys as well.

The ever-busy Shelton opened his St. Patrick’s Day performance for his Well Lit and Amplified tour with his rendition of “Footloose” and reminded his fans that he gets nervous like average people do, too. After sipping an “alcoholic beverage” in honor of the holiday and his nerves, Shelton seamlessly sang his most popular hits: “Some Beach,” “Drink on It,” “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking,” “All About Tonight,” “Honey Bee” and “Hillbilly Bone.”

Shelton took a break from singing to further explain his “average Joe” qualities, specifically with the social networking site, Twitter. “I write what normal human beings think about,” he said. This includes not just drinking but love, of course, and he appropriately closed his show with the romantic ballad, “God Gave Me You.” ★★★☆☆

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