It’s No Longer Rabbit Season

Heads up, gentlemen: Playboy Club is taking it off.

That is, if by “it” you mean “the Playboy Club logos and branding from the walls and stationery.” Which we do.

The 6-year-old ultra-lounge sandwiched between Nove Italiano and Moon at the Palms’ Fantasy Tower will be ending its run in early June.

The large-breasted canary in this particular coal mine was the club’s Bunnies being let go in November. At the turn of the New Year, the Playboy Comedy Club moved on to Paris Las Vegas to become Empire Comedy. While the Palms still has the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, a Playboy Store and, you know, a giant bunny logo on the side of the building, it seems like days could be numbered for all of those.

A spokeswoman at the Palms wouldn’t comment on whether any of those Playboy-branded touches would continue to carry on business as usual at the Palms, or if the property would shed the bunny entirely. It’s been reported that Playboy Enterprises was collecting $5 million in licensing fees between the Palms venture and Playboy Club Shanghai.

Nor was there any comment on what the future of the Playboy Club space, joined to Moon via escalator, would be come summer. Whatever it is, we hope it continues Playboy’s tradition of a nightlife spot that also has a pinball machine tucked in the back corner, for all your “Oh god, why did I say that to that girl at the bar? Now I need to hide until she and her friends stop laughing at me and leave” needs.

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