KISS opens mini golf course/wedding chapel

We dream of a world where people’s concerns about strangers getting married were based less along arbitrary lines of sexual orientation and more focused on the important issues: Like whether they’re KISS fans or not. Alas, KISS fans are still allowed to marry in the United States. Natasha Fagen and David Howard, in fact, spent $15,000 on eBay to become the first couple married at the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel at the newly opened KISS by Monster Mini Golf location March 15, where Gene Simmons himself witnessed the ceremony.

Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner’s runaway bride, was hosting at strip club and strip-club adjoining nightspot Crazy Horse III and Posh on March 16, when she brought her parents along. We’re guessing it was her dad who was angling for that invite. Hey, the poor guy may as well have his daughter’s bad decisions work out in his favor once in a while.

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