Mini KISS Me

A legendary rock band known more for its over-the-top theatrics than its music. A city that exists in large part because of its over-the-top theatrics. Indeed, KISS and Las Vegas have always seemed like a match made in heaven (or is it hell?). Yet it wasn’t until March 15 that the marriage finally was consummated with the opening of KISS by Monster Mini Golf, a KISS-themed indoor miniature golf course/museum on the corner of Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road.

The entire band, including founding members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, appeared at the much-hyped grand opening (which included the first wedding at the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel). However, the undeniable star of the show was Mini Kiss, the almost-as-legendary tribute band comprised entirely of little people, including Mini Gene (pictured). Memo to the suits at Cirque du Soleil: What are you waiting for?