The Old Gray Tumblr

The New York Times has a Tumblr blog. This sentence is a spacer sentence, to allow that statement to sink in. Now, I repeat: The New York Times, pretty much the last unsullied daily newspaper left in this country, is on the same blogging platform as To the Old Gray Lady’s credit, however, The Lively Morgue is a class act. Instead of page after page of Nyan Cats and Autotune remixes, The Times presents photographs from its matchless archive—and every picture, to borrow a phrase, is worth a thousand words. Scroll down and you’ll find a shot from November 1973 of Joe Namath watching a Jets game from the sideline in a fur coat that would be the pride of any pimp’s collection. A March 1968 photo shows a pretty mod in a paper minidress illustrated with a photo of a Cape Canaveral rocket launch. And a May 1965 shot of an equestrian event captures the moment before a spectacular wipeout. These are real moments in time that appeared once in newsprint and then were thrown away, and The Times is using Tumblr to make them immortal. Pretty cool, even if the site really should be called “Fuck Yeah Lively Morgue.”