Tour Buzz

BUDGET WHOMP: Los Angeles-based groove metal dojo Five Finger Death Punch chops up The Joint on March 23, with help from guests Soulfly and Windowpane. This is a special show for a number of reasons, not least of which is the price: $28 is pretty good for a Joint show, considering there’s three bands on the bill. (Back in the day, FFDP would have played the Huntridge Theater and cost maybe $15, but whatever.) Also, according to Amy Sciarretto of, there’s an good chance that your screams of frugal abandon may be captured for posterity: The band is recording the shows to ensure that “good musical ideas don’t get away from them.” One more reason to check out FFDP: They rock like the end of the world.

SISTER’S DOING IT: Ani DiFranco released a new studio album, ¿Which Side Are You On? If you’re keeping score, this makes No. 17 for the singer/songwriter, which pushes her ahead of Ryan Adams (16) but is short of her occasional collaborator, Prince (35). What these three musicians have in common, aside from the tendency to put out too much new music at one time, is a gift for writing great songs about relationships and an independently minded (some would say contentious) way of dealing with the music industry. However, DiFranco has achieved success without a penis, and for that reason I admire her without liking her music all that much. Hey, I haven’t liked Prince’s last 25 albums, either. Anyway, DiFranco plays the Hard Rock Café on the Strip on March 23 ($35).

NOW ON SALE: Chickenfoot plays The Joint on June 1 (tickets start at $40). It would be easy, too easy, for me to rip up a band that features Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani, but I can’t do it. I’ve seen these venerable mooks onstage separately and have had a great time on both occasions; they might make a good match. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m saying this, either.