High-Voltage Shopping Spree

Name: Electric Lemonade.

Neighborhood: Downtown, 220 E. Charleston Blvd., 776-7766.

Target customer: 24 to 34 year-old trend-driven females with disposable income.

Go there if … your personal style is a mix of vintage pieces and modern brands.

The details … Sisters Kinsey and Courtney Peters burst onto the retail scene with their ever-so quirky vintage boutique, Electric Lemonade, in February. The 1,000-square-foot boutique sells an eclectic mix of vintage clothing and accessories sourced from all over the country, combined with emerging designer labels such as the edgy Unif and DimePiece. Inspired by the late 1960s and early 1970s psychedelic scene, the shop features items individually handpicked by the sisters.

Don’t leave the store without … a classic concert T-shirt ($45-$100), a DimePiece scarf ($48) or a pair of vintage sunglasses ($20-$36).

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