She Won’t Be Riding Six White Horses

If you took the kids to ride the carousel at The District at Green Valley Ranch during the past month, you probably dealt with some disappointment. Without fanfare—there was no invitation to take one last gallop—the ride was disassembled and crated on Feb. 21.

American Nevada Co., the developers of The District, had retained ownership of the carousel even after the mixed-use lifestyle center went into default and was sold to LNR Partners of Miami Beach, Fla., in February 2011. The center was subsequently sold to Vestar Development in November, but the carousel remained with American Nevada.

“It’s a shame that it’s the end of an era, but it just wasn’t economical to keep it there any longer,” says Natalie Allred, American Nevada’s vice president of property management. The $2 ride price, she says, didn’t make up for the staffing and maintenance costs for this attraction.

The carousel, which featured 32 animals, including renaissance-style horses and two chariots, now sits in a container waiting on its next buyer. The space the carousel had occupied on the property’s east-side plaza is now home to a planter and four wooden benches. Vestar has not yet decided what it will do with the space. (Summer movies on the adjacent lawn will proceed as scheduled.)

The vintage-style Barrango carousel had been installed new in May 2008 and was much loved by neighborhood families.

“I wish we would have known it was leaving, so we could have had a last hoorah,” says Henderson resident Ross O’Hara-Hulett, who enjoyed visiting the carousel with his 3-year-old daughter. “It was always a special outing for us.”