The Royal Resort, March 24

Was this the same festival as the night before? It didn’t feel like it. A much bigger crowd, an energetic vibe and an overall good time showed the potential of what The Pastel Project could be. Crowd members batted beach balls, jumped and clapped in unison as the Portland, Ore.-based electronica-pop band played one fun jam after another. “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” from the self-titled 2008 EP is Modest-Mouse-at-its-finest catchy. “Boy Toy” is quirky and joyous, and should be the theme song for the next incarnation of The Pastel Project, which should be more local-friendly and much improved. If STRFKR drummer-keyboardist-vocalist Keil Corcoran, formerly of the Vegas-based band, Flaspar, can go on to bigger and better things, there’s no reason The Pastel Project can’t, too. ★★★★☆

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