Tour Buzz

PINK CENTER: I am faced with a dilemma. I want to check out The Smith Center for the Performing Arts, want to let my head swim in that ginormous cultural watershed … but at the same time, I don’t want my friends to think I’m any less committed to my mullet, my Hemi and my globe-spanning collection of shot glasses. Enter PFX: The Pink Floyd Experience, a Pink Floyd tribute show featuring six players you’ve never heard of and several truckloads of spotlights and lasers. It happens on March 30 ($27-$65), and it will allow me to experience the crisp acoustics of the 2,050-seat Reynolds Hall without my friends thinking I’m some kinda superior asshole. “They’re gonna play Wish You Were Here start to finish!” I’ll tell them. “They’re gonna have a dirigible pig!” I might even wear my good Pink Floyd shirt, the one I wear on job interviews.

CLEAR NOTE: I once saw Branford Marsalis at Boulder Station’s Railhead Lounge. Marsalis’ performance was exquisite; there are few in this world who can match him on the soprano saxophone. When he played, it was like plugging headphones into the moon itself—and when he stopped playing, or played a quiet passage, the sounds of the surrounding casino completely broke the mood. Suffice it to say that The Smith Center’s Cabaret Jazz room is a much better venue, and I sincerely hope that he doesn’t remember that Boulder Station show as well as I do. He performs at Cabaret Jazz on March 31 ($56-$164).

NOW ON SALE: The Brian Wilson-fortified Beach Boys perform at the Red Rock Resort on May 27 ($29-$125). This is some history happening right now, and it may never happen again. Put “Kokomo” out of your mind, and hear what this band sounds like when it has a heart.