Tyra Bell-Holland

Director of events and marketing at STK Las Vegas, age 42

“My most prized possession is a teardrop necklace from my husband that has three diamonds symbolizing our three children. They all know that each diamond represents them. They like for me to show them [the necklace] and to say their names—then they kiss it for me. It warms my heart every time I wear it.”

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The Look

Casey Brook

What she’s wearing now: Swell circle sweater, Nissi white jeans and vintage headpiece. Brook characterizes herself as a “rebellious, semi-unemotional, extremely unpredictable, unyielding elitist, who can sometimes be confused as an obstinate, voyeuristic, dogmatic, eccentric and insensitive individual. In other words, ‘perfect in every way.’” To achieve flawlessness when she dresses, she mixes in vintage pieces to give her overall appearance an elegant finish.