White Orange

Beauty Bar, March 21

Neon Reverb kicked off with a barely attended, cross-genre bill involving local blues-punkers The Ku and Ore., psyche-metal quartet White Orange. The latter possessed refrigerator-size amplifiers that were even louder than they looked. My earplugs screamed out for earplugs, and my head honestly hasn’t rang like that since a now-legendary My Bloody Valentine/Dinosaur Jr. show back in ’91. White Orange opened with the stomping, scalp-shredding “Middle of the Riddle,” off the band’s self-titled full-length from last summer. After that, they launched into the driving two-chord space rock of “Where,” which succeeded in driving anyone of the female persuasion out of the bar. I pitied the poor Beauty Bar soundman who did his very best to polish an agonizingly deafening turd. I love heavy metal as much as the next bozo, but White Orange nearly peeled my senses from my body. ★☆☆☆☆

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