Cotton Candy Egg-stravaganza, As served April 8 at A-Bar and Austin’s Steakhouse in Texas Station, $9

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If ever there was a time for a sticky-sweet, candy-color cocktail, it’s Easter! Texas Station director of food and beverage Isaac “Ike” Mayberry consulted with a true lemondrop lover to combine her favorite cocktail with every sweet tooth’s favorite holiday. The trick to this treat is to preform a berry-flavored cotton candy using a clean plastic Easter egg. To serve, place a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass in front of your guests, drop the little cotton candy “egg” in, and pour the prepared cocktail over it. In just seconds, the cotton candy yields to the liquid and becomes another sweet, fruity element incorporated into the drink right before your eyes—no hunting required.

Place a handful of berry-flavored cotton candy into a cleaned and sanitized plastic Easter egg. To serve, remove from the plastic and place the cotton candy “egg” upright in a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass and hang a beverage pick with two fresh raspberries on the edge of the rim. In a shaker combine 2½ ounces raspberry vodka, the juice of one lemon and ¾ ounce simple syrup. Add ice, shake and strain over the cotton candy.