Jordan comes up short, but his Invite draws celebs

At least when the Charlotte Bobcats lose, they don’t have to hang around Ashton Kutcher in a cowboy hat.

Michael Jordan, the Bobcats’ owner, wasn’t so fortunate at his own golf tournament, the March 29-April 1 Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Shadow Creek. Former Braves hurler John Smoltz and soccer star Brandi Chastain held off Roger Clemens and Ahmad Rashad to nab $20,000 each for the charities of their choice.

Jordan and partner Dwight Freeney finished fifth, which no doubt had to do with Kutcher joining them as a caddy on the back nine on the tournament’s last day. How could even legendary athletes concentrate while being peppered with stories about the set of That ’70s Show?

Said Kutcher: “I’m a mathematician. MJ likes to carry engineers and mathematicians around with him to read the greens and gauge the distance. Everyone else uses mechanical equipment, but I can read it pretty much by sight. Some people have perfect pitch; I have perfect eyesight. … I like to let the athletes do their athletic stuff, and I do the math stuff.”

Apparently he’s had lots of practice counting inexplicable numbers of Twitter followers.

Jordan scored better with his Invitational’s gala, which was March 30 at Aria, where hip-hop violinist Josh Vietti entertained before giving way to Cedric the Entertainer. Ne-Yo closed, doing “Give Me Everything (Tonight),” “Closer” and “Because of You” for a crowd that included Joey Fatone, Brian Baumgartner, Marshall Faulk, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Aaron Rodgers and Make-A-Wish Foundation wish kid Lucas Stroud, who earlier got to meet Jordan.

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