Matzo Brei, Feast and Festival Buffets, Station Casinos

Passover isn’t complete without matzo brei, a nostalgic, beloved dish wherein matzo—the unleavened bread customarily eaten during the holiday—is crumbled and soaked in an egg mixture, then pan-fried. Looking for more Passover-friendly fare? Keep an eye out for other dishes, including potato latkes, charoset and brisket, served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Sneaky Hot


Sneaky Hot

By Max Jacobson

If Penn’s Thai House weren’t east of Sunset Station in an obscure suburban mini-mall, it would enjoy wide acclaim by now. Perhaps the comely Thai chef, Penn Amarapayark, prefers it this way. Penn, as she insists on being called, is a modest sort who comes to work in jeans, with her hair pulled back. She’s ill-equipped for big crowds, anyway, since she does all the cooking herself.