Run Batboy Run


Shortly before Matt Damon began shooting the Bourne movies, co-star Franka Potente gave him a bit of professional advice: She told him to make a video of himself sprinting on a treadmill and to study it, as she had done before making Run Lola Run. He claimed it helped him to find the physicality of the Jason Bourne role—but really, I think he was concerned that he might run like Adam West or Burt Ward, and didn’t want to pinch their style. I don’t blame him. The two stars of the 1960s Batman show had an iconic gait; they capered with purpose, and it’s a real pleasure to see that sprint so well feted at the aptly named Tumblr blog Batman Running Away from Shit. If they so desire, Messrs. West and Ward can watch themselves running from explosions, rampaging dinosaurs, speeding trains, rolling boulders, giant robots, the Heath Ledger Joker and—whaddya know?—even running away from Potente in Run Lola Run. Perhaps they’ll rediscover the physicality they put into the roles of Batman and Robin … or maybe they’ll take a look at this page, wince involuntarily and say, “At least we don’t run like Matt Damon.”