Tour Buzz

THE NEXT MISTER VEGAS: I like Mötley Crüe, love Elton John and I know Rod Stewart. That said, I’ve long wondered why Vegas has never offered residencies to those performers who can’t resist touring here. Where’s Social Distortion’s residency? Brian Setzer’s residency? And when is someone going to get Chris Isaak to stay here longer than one night, as he will when he plays Green Valley Ranch on April 7 ($38-$81)? Isaak is a natural for the Vegas stage. He has hardcore indie cred (Do you have songs in David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick films?), but is mainstream enough for your mom to like him. He performs a ton of songs you know—“Wicked Game,” “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” and an exquisite cover of “Only The Lonely.” His stage banter is funny and sometimes raunchy as hell. I’m thinking the big room at Caesars, 10 weeks a year to start.

FRESH ROD: I mentioned a Rod Stewart residency, didn’t I? The show is called Rod Stewart: The Hits, and it’s happening at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace April 6-7 ($49-$250) and again this summer and fall. A greatest-hits show is kind of a necessity for Rod the Mod, seeing as he hasn’t released an album of his own material in 10 years plus—but that’s soon to change: Last December, Stewart told Rolling Stone that he’s finishing up an album of songs (mostly) written by him. If he plays one of them at Caesars, don’t ask for your money back. Let’s build his confidence back up.

NOW ON SALE: Donald Glover is a brilliantly gifted comic actor and rapper, and he will become huge one day—either from people finally watching Community, as you should be doing right now, or through his rapper persona, Childish Gambino. Either way, you’re getting the best he has to offer. See him poolside at the Cosmopolitan on May 27 ($42).