What does a Las Vegas student do for spring break?

Well, it depends on how old you are.

Back in the day, we’d ride bikes “in the desert” (i.e., a few blocks from Rancho and Charleston) all day, catching lizards, building jump ramps and skinning our knees. As we got older, we’d kill time at the hydrotubes at the Community College, the Roulette Rapids water slides on Boulder Highway and that dark den of cigarettes and Big Gulps, Mary K’s Arcade in Commercial Center. In high school, we’d spend the week sneaking into the pools at Caesars Palace or the Desert Inn, chatting up girls and occasionally scoring an unattended margarita. At UNLV, it usually meant a beach trip to California (or Mexico, if Dad was particularly lucky that week).

Fast forward to today, and we have very little unmolested urban desert remaining, and—for the moment—no big water parks. Our arcades are for grown-ups; the only reason you might sneak into a hotel pool would be to avoid a queue and a cover charge; and Mexico isn’t at the top of the travel list lately for anyone.

I suspect you’ll either be parked on your couch playing Zombie Apocalypse (or surfing the Web trying to prepare for one), hanging out at the skate park or trying to “rally your posse” and angle for a free cabana at a hotel pool party.

So, stock up on sunscreen and a few other pharmaceuticals, cowboy. Many trendy hotel pools aren’t the relaxing desert oases they once were. You never know what ills you might be fighting off the next day, from a tequila-and-house-music hangover to something far less pleasant.

What does the Native think about two Ferris wheels on the Strip?

There’s a long way to go before we get there.

Either the Skyvue Las Vegas Super Wheel, (under construction across from Mandalay Bay) or the Project Linq wheel near the Flamingo Hotel (still just a 3-year-old rendering) could fall victim to the unsteady economy or some other obstacle. But I’ll play along: I think having two giant Ferris wheels on the Strip is crazy, obnoxious, unique, ballsy, cheesy, weird, cool, gimmicky, pricey, WTF?, ostentatious and silly. And the idea makes me smile and think, “Only in Las Vegas.”

In other words, they are perfect for the Strip.

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