Whiskey Breath

LVCS/Brass Lounge, March 30

Yeeehaaaw! Bar slapping to the upbeat tempo of Whiskey Breath made for a fun night. This Las Vegas quartet blends Americana with a taste of country and Southern rock, sounding somewhere between Merle Haggard and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Formed just over four years ago by good ol’ boys Brandon Madejek (lead vocals/acoustic guitar) and Lahm Dutro (electric guitar/backup vocals), they entertained the crowd and had great ying-yang chemistry onstage. Bassist Justin Sane, looking like he just attended a funeral, provided a solid groove while drummer and newest addition Steve Housewright leaned back and played nicely in the pocket.

Madejek’s original “Why’d You Bury Me A G?” was inspired by rapper Tupac Shakur and pondered the idea of what it would be like for a Southern-rock country boy to be buried as a gangsta. It injected a fun sense of humor that nicely balanced Dutro’s more heartfelt and thoughtful “Summer Wind,” about memories.

Whiskey Breath played three rockin’ sets consisting of a nice 50-50 mix of originals and covers. They came back for one more crowd-pleasing, acoustic-set encore. We recommend catching a live set soon. ★★★★☆