Eggplant Pizzettes, Dom DeMarco’s

You heard that the president approved of the pepperoni pies here, but there’s more to the menu than that. This starter dish is not the eggplant parmigiana of your standard red-sauce joint. Three meaty rounds of aubergine are breaded and fried to a golden crisp on the outside, but remain creamy within. Each is topped with “gravy,” a dollop of whipped ricotta and fresh basil. Sure, the portion is on the smallish side, but this leaves more room for the pizza.

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Cocktail Culture


By Xania V. Woodman

If ever there was a time for a sticky-sweet, candy-color cocktail, it’s Easter! Texas Station director of food and beverage Isaac “Ike” Mayberry consulted with a true lemondrop lover to combine her favorite cocktail with every sweet tooth’s favorite holiday. The trick to this treat is to preform a berry-flavored cotton candy using a clean plastic Easter egg. To serve, place a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass in front of your guests, drop the little cotton candy “egg” in, and pour the prepared cocktail over it.