Just Add Water

Everything (else) you need to know to enjoy the newest life of the pool party

Nightlife! Wait, scratch that. Daylife? No, that isn’t it, either. This summer, it’s all about the Beachlife at the Hard Rock hotel-casino. While legions of tanned and (hopefully) toned partiers have descended upon the property’s Sunday event Rehab for eight seasons—and then chased the hair of the dog Mondays at Relax—the Hard Rock’s new offerings might have you aiming for a three-day workweek so you won’t miss any of the action.

So what exactly is Beachlife? Like you, we’ve drooled over the sexy shipwrecked models in the ads, but what else is there to this rebranding campaign? “Beachlife is not so much the name of a complex, it’s more of a concept,” says Ian Kahoutek, executive director of beverage for Beachlife, nightlife and the casino. “It’s not so much about a single-day party, it’s about a four-day party.”

Kicking off the extended funfest will be the new Summer Camp Fridays, beginning April 20. Upon arrival, attendees can salute the American flag in true camper fashion to start the day, while SKAM artist DJs, guest celebrities and mood coordinators take on camp counselor duties to preside over squirt-gun battles and water-balloon fights. Or simply chill in your “bunk” (the newly redesigned cabanas) and take it all in while campfire-story staples such as Bigfoot or Bucky the Beaver bounce around Paradise Beach (formerly the Rehab Pool).

Although there aren’t plans for a dam-building contest made from abandoned drink cups, you can bet on barely-there camp uniforms for female staffers. Fingers crossed that they’ll add frozen ice cream s’mores to the menu!

For electronic-dance-music fans, Saturdays will be your Beachlife playground starting April 21 with the weekly Nectar Music Festival. “We have multiple DJs playing all on the same day,” Kahoutek says. “At Paradise Beach, you’ll have four or five DJs that are going to spin that day just in that area, and then you’re going to go to Breathe pool [previously SkyBar/Relax] and you’re going to have a couple DJs there playing as well.” Multiple dates with the man widely credited for EDM’s resurgence in Las Vegas, Paul Oakenfold, are scheduled. And listen for some new variety in the Valley as Felix Cartal is confirmed for a summer residency; Richard Beynon is also slated to spin during the season. “You’re going to hear a lot of new people,” Kahoutek says. “There’s a guy coming out, his name is Clockwork [who is signed to Dim Mak], and he sounds awesome. I think he’s going to blow up; people are really going to recognize that name.”

The aforementioned Breathe pool will offer La Playa Fridays for a Latin vibe, a bikini brunch on weekends and then doubles as an outdoor lounge for Vanity Nightclub in the evenings. The Nirvana pool adjacent to the HRH All-Suite Tower offers a more serene experience.

Not everything has been overhauled. Rehab continues for its ninth season on Sundays, complete with those familiar giant souvenir cups filled with Rockstar Lemonade. Or enjoy mojitos and the new frozen strawberry shortcake cocktail. “We also brought in SnoBar [alcoholic] ice pops, which are margarita and cosmopolitan popsicles,” Kahoutek says. “I think the SnoBar popsicles are going to be a huge hit this year.” Adults-only, of course.

Relax Monday is back as well as is the Soundwave concert series at night with performances by Snoop Dogg, Pepper, Barenaked Ladies and more.

So consider yourself a castaway—it’s looking like you might never need to leave Beachlife’s sandy shores for entertainment this summer.