Madison, Salling hop down the bunny trail

As holiday weekends go, Easter and Passover isn’t nearly as sexy as Halloween. Or Christmas. Or the Fourth of July. Or even Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Yet a couple of celebs managed to do their club-ly duty, despite all that talk of lamb’s blood and plagues floating around in the air.

Holly Madison was at Chateau on April 6 to celebrate the feature on her in the April issue of FHM. She, of course, had an Easter basketful of Peeps(how) to gnaw on while she hung out with co-star Josh Strickland. Only knock? She drank water the whole night. How are you supposed to tie on a proper sugar buzz unless you’re chasing your Peeps with Jolt cola?

Over at Liquid, Glee’s Mark Salling hosted April 7, where he hung out in his cabana with the Easter Bunny. Which was highly appropriate for someone on a sugarcoated, empty-calorie show. Though, to be fair, after spending all morning hiding eggs from glucose-redlining children, the Easter Bunny certainly deserved a margarita.

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