Phast Cars!

Some people organize car shows because they dig cars, and some do it for the recognition. Frank Miranda, the eponymous owner of Phat Phrank’s Mexican restaurant, is putting one together to increase the peace.

Miranda, a car guy himself, heard enough of his customers talk about their cars and motorcycles that he decided to provide a venue for them to show their rides. But the local car scene is fractured, Miranda quickly learned. “I got sick and tired of hearing how the street-rod people don’t like the lowriders, or the rockabilly people don’t like the import guys, or whatever,” he says. “I just want these people who are proud of their vehicles to show them off, to be proud of them. And I like to see guys sitting next to someone who used to be their opposition.”

The Steel Phashion Show—Frank is nothing if not consistent with his spelling—is scheduled for 8 to 11 a.m. April 22 in front of Phat Phrank’s, 4850 W. Sunset Road (off Decatur Boulevard and Interstate 215). Entry is free: Just show up with something interesting and you’ll be among everything from crotch rockets to cruisers, Corvettes to Cadillacs. The restaurant is open for lunch afterward until 3 p.m., and Miranda is donating 10 percent of proceeds from food sales to Opportunity Village. All money from raffles will also go to the charity.

This is the first Steel Phashion Show, so Miranda isn’t quite sure what to expect; there could be 60 vehicles, there could be five. But Miranda’s a glass-half-full kind of guy. He’s already anticipating a quarterly event. “If all these people come out who say they are going to come out, I won’t have enough room in the parking lot.”