Shumai, KJ Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant

The Strip’s newest dim sum spot is bright and bustling, the familiar scene of carts stacked with steamers making their way across the room. Four shumai dumplings fill a steamer, their pale yellow wrappers filled with a savory mixture of ground shrimp and pork. Grab them off the cart while they’re warm and fresh, as these plump, earthy dumplings serve as a great gauge for the other 55 or so dim sum dishes floating around the room.

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Deals on Meals 2012

Deals on Meals 2012

By Max Jacobson, Xania Woodman and Grace Bascos

$2 Crab Tuesdays Crab Corner In the great Maryland tradition, Crab Corner features trays piled high with steamed blue crabs that are fresh from the Chesapeake Bay and seasoned with J.O. Spice, the Old Line State’s very own blend of seafood seasoning. On Tuesdays, crabs and beers are only $2 a pop. Get there early, as low prices like these can draw a crowd, which makes for a fun, communal atmosphere. $2, 4161 S. Eastern Ave., 489-4646, NVSeafood – G.B.