Wynn was premature on Climaxx

It will still go down in the annals of bad names, but Climaxx won’t explode onto the scene at the Wynn as planned. At least this means cleanup won’t be nearly as messy three nights a week.

Instead, Las Vegas Nightlife Group, which would have opened Climaxx (the extra “x” is for “single entendre”) as a replacement for shuttered boutique Blush in the space formerly occupied by high-end restaurant Alex, will now have to stoke the fires of its desire while it makes a decision on its next move.

According to one report, the reason the club won’t open is because the venue couldn’t be properly soundproofed. A spokeswoman for the Nightlife Group denies that’s the reason, but a posting on the JackColton.com forums by someone who identified themselves as a host at the would-have-been sister club, Surrender, claims “they failed the soundproofing testing” and that other projects are in the works.

The same spokeswoman also said of the club that the rumored project was never confirmed, though there were billboards spotted around town advertising “Climaxx! A New Experience at Wynn.”

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