Vegas Style: DJ Girl 6

She’s a DJ. She’s a girl. And she’s cute and sexy. She is DJ Girl 6, and she’s one of Las Vegas’ hottest talents, performing as an opening act and touring DJ for big names like Janet Jackson, Maroon 5 and Aerosmith. Adopting her moniker from Spike Lee’s film, “Girl 6,” DJ Girl 6 was recently hired as the exclusive DJ with Bellator Mixed Martial Arts (televised on MTV2 and EPIX TV). Besides having an uncanny knack for combining nostalgia and energy to win the hearts and minds of her crowd, DJ Girl 6 is also quite the fashionista, having developed a personal sense of style that keeps her stunning while she’s center stage and at the same time expressing her personality and confidence. I had the chance to pick DJ Girl 6′s brain for a few questions about fashion, Las Vegas style and shopping tips. Here’s what she had to say:

LS: I am on a mission to prove that fashion DOES exist on Las Vegas! And you are obviously a stylish girl. What’s your take on Vegas fashion? How would you describe the style scene in Las Vegas and what are your favorite shopping haunts?
DJ Girl 6: What is Vegas fashion…? That’s a tough call. If you hang out by some clubs you’d swear Vegas fashion was all about colorful tutus, negligees, red skinny jeans and zebra tights. On the other hand, there are the classier clubs where fitted upscale dresses dominate the dance floor.

One thing that’s consistent in Vegas fashion is: SKIN! In Vegas, tourists and locals alike love to bare a lot of skin and are tasteful about dressing for their body types. My best fashion advice is to dress for your body type. There’s something sexy for everyone. I stick to places that cater to my body type – mostly , TOPSHOP and I buy most of mybeachwear at Nordstrom.

LS: Who are your favorite fashionistas?

DJ Girl 6:
 I love Kid Sister, Santigold, Kreayshawn, Skrillex (yes, Skrillex; I wanna shave the side of my head soo bad!), and Appolonia. I wish I was brave or stylish enough to dress like them! I like to channel an odd combination of Joan Jett and David Bowie. I love Joan Jett’s “don’t mess with me” look. I’m comfortable enough in my own femininity to dress with a masculine edge from time to time. I also think its super sexy to do so. It shows confidence. I also love David Bowie and Prince. They are both unafraid of crossing gender lines and express a tremendous amount of creativity via their clothes making work-wear feel more like costumes than mere clothing. Its like art imitates life. No limitations, no judgment, fearless expression. Fashion is more than just the clothes you wear. You can use it to communicate political objectives or send clear messages about what’s inside the clothes: a fearless confident woman.

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