Arm Candy

Where: Miracle Mile Shops, Planet Hollywood, 260-3223.

Target customer: Women between the ages of 8 and 80.

Go there if … you’re an eco-conscious style-hunter with a keen sense of individuality.

The details: You’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve just stumbled into an actual candy store, thanks to the sweet aroma of bubble gum and Twizzlers that envelops you upon entering the colorful world of Arm Candy. Originally a bustling kiosk in Fashion Show, Arm Candy moved to its current location last summer. Arm Candy’s customers are as varied as the bags themselves, and that’s because the unique product appeals to all walks of life. Each bag is handmade in Mexico using up to 4,000 candy wrappers and can take as long as four days to create. Other materials include recycled license plates and even seat belts. The result is an eco-friendly classic design, which serves as a breath of fresh air in a world overcrowded with opulence.

Don’t leave the store without … The Candy Wrapper Doc bag in tutti frutti ($320), the Nevada License Plate bag ($299) and the medium tote Seatbelt bag ($199).

Deal: After your first buy, you’ll be given a discount card to receive 15 percent off upcoming purchases.

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