The Cabin In The Woods

(R) ★★★☆☆

This peppy horror mashup with existential airs goes completely nuts in its final half-hour and is all the better for it. Five college friends pile into a camper for a frolicsome vacation. Early on, we’re shown that they’re being watched very closely, and perhaps controlled, by two handlers in a massive control room. Cue the killer redneck zombies, cheeky winks to the beloved genre and, not to spoil anything, but … a killer unicorn. It’s a self-reflective horror film, and it works.

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Franchise Fail


Franchise Fail

By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

Sweeping aside the film’s weirdest unasked question—who goes to their 13th high school reunion?—the characters created by Adam Herz for the 1999 hit American Pie return for a rather tired sequel called American Reunion, in which poor, desperate Jim Levenstein’s genitals once again get their ears boxed (metaphorically speaking), and Stifler’s way with nubile 17-year-olds doesn’t seem quite as obnoxiously sprightly as it once did, given that Stifler is now supposed to be in his early 30s and the actor, Seann William Scott, is 35.