The Cabin In The Woods

(R) ★★★☆☆

This peppy horror mashup with existential airs goes completely nuts in its final half-hour and is all the better for it. Five college friends pile into a camper for a frolicsome vacation. Early on, we’re shown that they’re being watched very closely, and perhaps controlled, by two handlers in a massive control room. Cue the killer redneck zombies, cheeky winks to the beloved genre and, not to spoil anything, but … a killer unicorn. It’s a self-reflective horror film, and it works.

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Tour Buzz


Tour Buzz

By Geoff Carter

FOLK YEAH: Forget Bon Iver’s two recent Grammy wins. The award isn’t always an indicator of bland pop mediocrity; sometimes it is awarded to a talent as fresh and genuine as singer/songwriter Justin Vernon, Bon Iver’s frontman and reason for being. Vernon manages to slide behind your cynicism; he inspires that “first love” feeling you had as a kid, when you didn’t know that your favorite song sounded like five others that came before it.