Iron-ing out the Tyson stage show

By most accounts, Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth wasn’t the train-crashing-into-the-Hindenburg-at-Chernobyl level of disaster that many (OK, we) expected it to be. This may be bad news to those of us whose favorite form of entertainment is rubbernecking, but good news for Mike Tyson’s chances of realizing his stated dream of bringing the show to Broadway.

(Frankly, if there was a time to invent time travel, it would be now, so we could all go back to 1988 and show everyone credible evidence that the Baddest Man on the Planet could be singing next door to The Book of Mormon. Also, we’d have to explain The Book of Mormon. Reagan-era heads would explode. Rick Astley could have been avoided. It’d be great.)

Tyson lured out a strong celebrity contingent to see him deliver his two hours of monologue April 14 at the MGM Grand Hollywood Theater, from the expected (Sugar Ray Leonard) to the era-appropriate (Andrew Dice Clay) to the why-don’t-these-two-get-together-on-the-greatest-reality-show-ever (Paula Abdul).

Also, legendary pimp Bishop Don “Magic” Juan was there, because of course Bishop Don “Magic” Juan was there.

George Lopez, Rosie O’Donnell and Piers Morgan rounded out the big names, while Las Vegas headliner Carrot Top and future headliner Jeff Timmons (who Tweeted April 16, “Now that the 98 tour isn’t happening, where should I perform before my new Vegas residency?”) were also in the audience.

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