Ruffalo, Eisenberg—magic men

“You know how Ocean’s Eleven took an eclectic cast of A-listers and had them commit a big heist in Vegas? What if we took an eclectic cast of A-listers and had them commit a big heist in Vegas using magic?” —Whatever Hollywood exec pitched Now You See Me.

The flick, slated for a 2013 release, did some filming at both Aria and downtown’s Golden Gate on April 10. It’s about a team of illusionists who slough off some of their gains to audience members while also being pursued by a crack FBI squad. Will they get away with it and go on to have further heisty adventures? Only time and a $100 million box-office bow can tell.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrleson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco were all at Aria shooting scenes, while the Gate got Mark Ruffalo and Chris Browning. Casino co-owner Derek Stevens got to stand-in as an extra. Neither Morgan Freeman nor Michael Caine, who are also in the film, were invited along. Probably because no one wanted to spend their time in Las Vegas listening to Caine talk about how he’s already been in The Italian Job and The Prestige, so the only reason he went back to heist and/or magic movies was to kill time until Christopher Nolan has a new project.

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