Schwarzenegger does it all in Vegas

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the most of his one day in Las Vegas on April 12, hitting up Strip House for dinner, a showing of The Beatles Love and the assassination of John Connor. That’s what you get for trying to take your mind off being humanity’s last hope of averting a hellish, dystopian rule by computers, Connor.

Teller is involved in a lawsuit against magician Gerard Bakardy, who allegedly lifted the Rio headliner’s “Shadows” illusion and was trying to peddle secrets of the trick for $3,500.

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Madison, Salling hop down the bunny trail


Madison, Salling hop down the bunny trail

By Jason Scavone

As holiday weekends go, Easter and Passover isn’t nearly as sexy as Halloween. Or Christmas. Or the Fourth of July. Or even Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Yet a couple of celebs managed to do their club-ly duty, despite all that talk of lamb’s blood and plagues floating around in the air.