A Side of Carrot

If only Mike Tyson would’ve gone all the way and actually bitten off Carrot Top’s ear. Not only for the irony—Iron Mike’s a strict vegan now, you know—but because it would’ve been the most entertaining thing to happen during Tyson’s VIP-night performance of Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, the Henderson resident’s one-week, one-man, soul-baring show about his tormented life and times.

In case you weren’t aware, Tyson grew up poor, he was a frequent “guest” of the NYPD before he was a teenager, he fell into the hands of a boxing trainer who molded him into the youngest heavyweight champ ever, he didn’t rape that beauty-pageant contestant and he hates Don King slightly less than he does ex-wife Robin Givens.

The only surprise to come out of Truth was that the former champ was onstage for nearly two hours, and never once did the audience have to consult its Tyson-to-English dictionary! (Um, Mike, if you’re reading this, we’re kidding. Seriously, loved the show, and best of luck on your journey to Broadway!)