Tour Buzz

RAN LONG: Thanks to The Big Lebowski, I can’t think of the Eagles without thinking of the Dude: “I hate the fucking Eagles, man.” Unlike the Dude I like the Eagles, or at least I did when they had five members (lead guitarist Don Felder was fired in 2001), and before Don Henley went solo in the mid-’80s. I haven’t heard their “comeback” album, 2007’s Long Road Out of Eden (the band’s only record of new material since 1979’s The Long Run), but I don’t think I have to. The Eagles have always been old souls; even when “Hotel California” was new, you could feel the world-weary longing of a traveling band near the end of its days. Today, the Eagles are just about where they need to be—and that place is at the MGM Grand on April 21 ($82-$230), playing their classics to an audience that they’re likely hoping won’t have many Dudes in it.

LOVE MACHINE: This is what true fandom looks like: Steve Beauchampé, a writer with the U.K.’s Birmingham Press, went to see Florence and the Machine’s March 13 Birmingham show without receiving a press comp. He paid his money, went, saw and then wrote what amounts to a love letter to lead singer Florence Welch. “The soaring vocals (just the right place to cast restraint aside) showcase how stupendously well Welch can hold a note,” he writes in a review that also includes the words “flowing” and “voluminous.” Get a room, you two! You can do it after Flo’s Cosmopolitan gig on April 21 ($54).

NOW ON SALE: The mighty B-52s will play a poolside show at the Hard Rock Hotel on June 9 ($46), with the express intent of getting you, the consumer, to do all 16 dances—including, but not limited to, the Camel Walk and the Shy Tuna. Will it be fun? If you have to ask, you may be a limburger.