Florence + The Machine

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, April 21

“This is the most incredible place we’ve ever played. It’s so amazing,” Florence Welch said as she gazed out to the Strip and all the neon that surrounded the open-air concert venue. And to her credit, the sold-out crowd of 4,000 likely thought the British singer had the most amazing voice they had ever heard.

Taking the stage for a 13-song set that was dominated by tracks off last year’s Ceremonials, Florence opened the show donning her traditional black cape to sing “If Only for the Night” and “What the Water Gave Me” before ditching the garb to reveal a stunning silver-sequined gown. With an eight-piece band backing her, Florence’s golden voice shined as she belted out energetic renditions of “Lover to Lover, “Shake It Out” and “Dog Days Are Over” to the crowd’s delight before telling everyone to jump up and down as if they had won the jackpot in the casino on “Never Let Me Go.” The 25-year-old capped the show with fantastic renditions of “You’ve Got the Love” and “No Light, No Light,” duly impressing the seen-it-all citizens of the Entertainment Capital of the World. ★★★★☆

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