(PG-13) ★☆☆☆☆

This deliriously cruddy sci-fi flick is barely watchable. In 2079, Snow (Guy Pearce), an ex-CIA operative, gets strong-armed into a trip to a space station prison that’s been taken over by its inmates. Oh, and the president’s daughter (Maggie Grace) needs rescuing. There’s a great deal of point-blank handgun killings, monotonous pacing, bewildering editing and overall terribleness. It’s as if the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys paid the filmmakers to make this film for heckling purposes.

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From ‘Jersey’ to Tribeca


From ‘Jersey’ to Tribeca

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When Joe Barbara’s short film Migraine makes its world premiere this month at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, he hopes he’ll be in the audience. But with a packed schedule—he plays five roles in Jersey Boys and is a teacher at Bishop Gorman High School, in addition to being a husband and a father of three young boys—he’s not sure he’ll be able to make it. These days, he can hardly find time to do household chores.