Seven Days

A curated tour of this week in your city

Thursday, April 26

Local artist Brent Sommerhauser describes his work as “thin, quiet places where invisible forces and visible material collide.” (That’s his work below; see what he means?) Sommerhauser’s work in glass and other materials is always food for thought. The opening reception for his new show is tonight. 6-8 p.m., MCQ Fine Art Advisory, 620 S. Seventh St.

Friday, April 27

The ACLU is gathering to celebrate civil liberties, and you’re invited. This year they’ll be honoring the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s investigative series about trigger-happy Las Vegas cops, which deserves the accolades. Tickets are pricey—$150—but that includes an open bar. 6-9 p.m., the Barrymore in the Royal House, 99 Convention Center Drive,

Saturday, April 28

Imagine taking an empty city block in downtown Las Vegas and transforming it into a living community, complete with a restaurant, dog park, entertainers, etc. Imagine no longer, because Build a Greener Block is doing it from 10 a.m. to midnight today and tomorrow at 1042 Main St. Or you could go watch competitive hot-dog eating at 3 p.m. at New York-New York. Saturdays are full of hard choices.

Sunday, April 29

Why the fuss about food trucks? Back when we were in short pants, they called food trucks “roach coaches,” and everything came wrapped in cellophane. But kids these days like their fancy burgers and tacos, so listen up: There’ll be a bunch of trucks at the Silverton from noon to 9 p.m. for the Las Vegas Foodie Fest, and your pig-out benefits Three Square Food Bank.

Monday, April 30

The cheap drinks, the frat-house smell, the poker tables almost on the Strip, the beer pong … it all ends today. Tomorrow, O’Sheas will be history, three decades of good times and bad hangovers, and the Strip will be poorer for it. In its place will be a pedestrian mall and a huge Ferris wheel. That’s progress, we suppose.

Tuesday, May 1

Today can be several things: a raucous celebration of spring with roots dating back to pagan times (“May Day”), a lefty holiday honoring workers (also “May Day”), or a signal that you’re in distress (“Mayday!”). For us it’s Tuesday, and we’re in need of some brightening. So we’re going with option No. 1.

Wednesday, May 2

It’s a fine time to note that the Super Summer Theatre season begins May 18 with A Grand Night for Singing, and tickets are on sale now at And what would summer be without a night on the lawn at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park?