Crispy Fried Flounder, Joyful House

The flounder is a favorite at this venerable Chinese restaurant, a go-to spot for many Asian aficionados for its classic Cantonese- and Hong Kong-style cuisine. The flat, meaty fish is deep-fried until the crust is crisp and golden brown. The whole fish is boned at the table and served with a slightly sweet, thin soy, garlic and green onion sauce on the side to dress each bite.

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Steeped in Culture


Steeped in Culture

By Cate Weeks

On a Friday afternoon in April, Mandarin Oriental’s tea lounge feels miles above the chaos of the Strip. A couple sits in opulent club chairs sipping champagne and taking in the view from the 23rd floor. A group of four women, with shopping bags at the feet, murmur in their native language as they pour tea for one another. A dozen women frosted in pastel suits and flirty dresses are ushered to the next room for an elegant bridal shower. Meanwhile, tea-lounge supervisor Ann Hwang readies her bamboo tray. She’s about to perform the Gong Fu Cha service, the Chinese tea ceremony.