Geeks Just Wanna Have Fun


Geek girls are superior to regular, garden-variety male geeks in every way. They know just how to kick Heinlein in the balls, rock the cosplay thing seven ways to Sunday and have what is arguably a more discerning eye for that which is worthy of fandom (Twilight aside). That’s why The Mary Sue, “a guide to girl geek culture,” is so much more fun to read than similar, male geek-written blogs. The range of subject matter is much more diverse (recent posts run the gamut from previews of Pixar’s Brave to queen geek Felicia Day’s new YouTube channel), and the posts are sharp, incisive, funny and generally free of the Haterade that makes reading Ain’t It Cool News such a wearisome chore. There are no ad hominem attacks here, no heavy-handed gender politics; it’s just cool geek girls, telling you about geeky stuff that’s worth liking in a way that makes you want to like it. There’s real enthusiasm in The Mary Sue, and you’re going to catch it. Also, that nameplate that changes every time you reload? It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen on a Web page. I’m in love.