Lobster Pot Pie, Nobhill Tavern

Michael Mina’s signature dish arrives with an unforgettable tableside presentation. A cart is wheeled next to the table with a pastry-topped copper pot. The server carves into the flaky crust, releasing the aroma of the enclosed Maine-lobster filling, brandied cream sauce and fragrant truffles. The pastry top becomes the base on the plate, and hunks from the whole lobster and vegetables are placed atop it, along with the sauce. The dish is hearty, decadent and well worth the price.

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Steeped in Culture


Steeped in Culture

By Cate Weeks

On a Friday afternoon in April, Mandarin Oriental’s tea lounge feels miles above the chaos of the Strip. A couple sits in opulent club chairs sipping champagne and taking in the view from the 23rd floor. A group of four women, with shopping bags at the feet, murmur in their native language as they pour tea for one another. A dozen women frosted in pastel suits and flirty dresses are ushered to the next room for an elegant bridal shower. Meanwhile, tea-lounge supervisor Ann Hwang readies her bamboo tray. She’s about to perform the Gong Fu Cha service, the Chinese tea ceremony.