Minka, Wilmer dance around each other

So, you know how Wilmer Valderrama and the ex-future-Mrs. Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly, keep getting spotted everywhere together but won’t come out and say they’re an item? Well. They both happened to be in town last weekend.

Valderrama was at the April 28 season opener for Azure at the Palazzo along with Gilles Marini, David Spade and Miss France 2009, Chloé Mortaud. After that, he had dinner with Rob Kardashian at Lavo, and they headed upstairs to the club to hear Jay-Z protégé Rita Ora do “Hot Right Now” and “How We Do (Party).”

From there, Valderrama and Kardashian went to Tao, where Amy Adams had a table with some friends after having spent the day at Tao Beach.

Kelly, meanwhile, spent the afternoon at Marquee Dayclub, went to dinner at Lavo and ended her night back at Marquee, where Kaskade was on the turntables after a Tiger Jamming Jon Bon Jovi turned up at the club the night before.

Yet it all seems like a long way to go to very conspicuously not be at the same clubs as Valderrama, which could mean one of two things: Either the relationship rumors aren’t true, or they are true, and the two of them are running some serious conspiracy game to keep everyone off their trail.

Or maybe the conspiracy is true, and Valderrama was just a misdirection to get us all looking in the wrong place, and Kelly is secretly hooking up with Adams.

Actually, yeah. It’s probably that one. At least, we really, really hope it’s that one.

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